Month: August 2013

[Day 20] Winning is contentment.

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” – Vince Lombardi

We all have goals, some are long-term, the rest, short-term (for me that’s the case). But achieving all your goals, getting what you want, or ticking off all the items on your Things-To-Achieve-Before-The-World-Ends list is boring.

Winning can sometimes be boring for I will argue well that winning isn’t everything.

In life, it is sometimes best to just have goals or dreams that are unachievable, because in that way, we strive, we sweat, we learn that there are dreams that shatter, or dreams that are just dreams. There are dreams that are feasible, dreams that are way beyond reality.

But consider that you’ve gotten all your goals in life, what’s next for you? What’s so special about that?

The goal is to have more goals, yes, but are you not tired of being the best? Being the winner? Is your ego that stupid to think that winning is everything?

Yes, you won titles annually, or whenever, so what? There will always be lesser and better people than you. Winning is not victorious after all.

Trying is enough. Wanting to win is admirable. Just a few victory or ticking off from your own personal checklist is enough. Enough is enough. Simple.




P.S. Happy 20th post! I am more than happy that I am gaining followers and some of you are really liking, commenting and even e-mailing me just to discuss and express their thoughts! I am so overwhelmed, and I can never thank you enough for spending a little of your time reading my thoughts about life. Thanks!