[Day 201] Earthy Concern

“Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.” – Kenyan Proverb

I don’t think global warming will stop as long as we continue to be ignorant and complacent about what we experience in general with the environment.

More and more concerned NGOs and LGUs are into saving the environment and all the altruistic, green-related activities for Mother Nature, which I strongly support. But everywhere, I see that more citizens acquire illnesses, and we cannot be as negligent to consider the pressing situation of our environment.

Well some of you may be so toxic to listen or read about any environment-related articles or news in the cyberworld. But honestly, we all have the same level of responsibility to carry. This is our Earth, and it is irreplaceable – no matter how NASA tries to find life out there.

Treat this place like your body and it will treat you back like your body reacts on what you do to it — equal reaction, sometimes regretful aftermaths.

Go on.



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