Month: March 2014

[Day 231] The True Friendship Test

Step 1. Know your friend’s weakness/soft spot.
Step 2. Play with each other’s emotions, eat-your-pride-spot, and anything that will make him/her humble down, or get ashamed of.
Step 3. Preempt confrontations.
Step 4. Confront personally, not on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else.
Step 5. Say the things you have kept for the longest time.
Step 6. Don’t get physical.
Step 7. Don’t get too carried away if you skip Step 6.
Step 8. Just stare at each other for a minute without saying anything. Just look at each other’s mess.
Step 9. Approach each other, offer a hug, and say sorry.
Step 10. Do this whenever one needs an intervention on love, career, life, and decisions that matter.

Remember, “True friends stab you in the front.” – Oscar Wilde