Month: July 2014

[Day 353] If You Want to See a Rainbow, Love the Rain

It is raining again in Metropolitan Manila, and it is a blessing.

Inspiration, motivation, and positivity come from glorious, inevitable and priceless phenomena like the rain.

Yet when it rains, tons of angry commuters and drivers bash the day, and we meet them on our way. We are sometimes like that. Then, roads are definitely congested, and EDSA, C5, and super highways resemble a sea of red lights. The feeling somewhat sucks the good vibes we have, doesn’t it? We don’t want to miss that train, or don’t want to be late at work, or miss an appointment. We don’t want to miss that job interview, or fail to attend the first class.

We don’t want any wasted time.

Yet, the rain teaches us something. It is not just a water cycle that science can explain, or simply an explanation why we still have water, or how the Earth gets its water supply. The rain teaches us that life has these demons we ought to encounter. But that doesn’t mean anything. There are demons even in ourselves. What matters is how we deal with that demon.

As Paulo Coelho said, “If you want to see a rainbow, you got to love the rain.” There are tons of things to be grateful for. We just need to change the way we see things.

We got to love the rain.