[Day 331] It’s okay.

“I would rather make mistakes in kindness and compassion than work miracles in unkindness and hardness.” – Mother Teresa

Today I decided to embrace how vulnerable I am in the presence of people who are well-established and very much looked up to in the field I am in.

I embraced the fact that I can’t do magic and be the greatest, loved, and cherished person someone could have, or be proud of.

I digested every minute of seeing my mistakes take into form, and the aftermaths it brought. I ate all the pride I had, and drank all the nag I had.

Today I became human by recognizing, admitting and understanding my flaws and how it makes me a real person, how my mishaps tell me a good story, and how through those mistakes I am the person I will always be proud of.

Accepting you are wrong, understanding your mishaps, recognizing you are not always right are the things that make a person real, sincere, and dignified. People who admit their flaws, and being sorry for it, are those people I immediately trust and respect. It can be said that mistakes teach us a lot, and it is true. These boulders which makes us fall, and challenges us every single leap, are those that will make or break us. Either way, there would always be something we learn and earn from those moments.

So go on, it’s okay to make mistakes in life. it’s okay to fall and fail. have a life full of honesty, transparency and bliss will come after. It’s better to have a clear conscience that have no mercy at all.



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